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Welcome to the first ever community dedicated to Bose

I would like to welcome you all. If you are a fan of Bose products, A owner, A enthusiest, A collector, Or if you just appriciate the best, Then I welcome you here. I am the creator and main moderator here.

If you have any questions, comments, complaints about this community or the people in it, Feel free to contact me.

This is open to anyone and everyone. I hope that many people who are owners or just enthusiests will come and talk about there own experiences, Ask questions, Discuss there thoughts about Bose itself. The possabilities are endless.

So again, Welcome and please enjoy your stay. I know I am one proud owner, And will always be.
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how about if we work at bose, and preach quality all day long!
Do you work at Bose? or for Bose? If so, Thats awesome.

Welcome. Sorry that its dead around here. Guess the interest isn't as high as I thought it would have been.