Avalon (msajiva) wrote in bose,

IPod Mini

Hi, I'm new to this community. I see there's not many members or much action. Hope that will change.
I just bought my first Bose. It's a Sound Dock system to play my IPod Mini. This is my first IPod Mini. I have a couple of IPod Shuffles and I bought an IPod Mini for my daughter. I saw where the Bose Sound Dock got good reviews for playing the IPods.

So far it's great!!!
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I too wish this community would lift off. I know there are bose fans on LJ. Just no one has found this yet I suppose.

But welcome!

Great reviews yes, However I am a Creative Jukebox fan myself. How are those iPod's now a days?
Hey there, I'm a Bose employee and fan... I have an iPod but no SoundDock (yet). I think I'm going to buy one at the Employee Christmas Sale :)

I have a pair of QC2's and I love them.