Caitlin (thatgirlcaitlin) wrote in bose,


Today on TV I finally saw a commercial for BOSE.
Now I finally know what the hell it is.
They look pretty cool, too.
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Ahaha. Is it that radio one, that sounds like a huuge speaker?
It was of headphones that show them being soundproof to the world around them.

I saw a radio commerical! o_O I was like, "WOW!", Lol!!
where did you hear about these things for the first time?
Andre. When I first talked to him on the phone, before we started to date, he used to brag, and brag about his babies [his 201s], and finally.. after amonths being with him, I finally went to his house. that's when I got to see them for the first time.

One of his mom's ex.. the only one who he really got along with, I mean close relationship, got him into Bose, and bought him the 201s, Ever since then, he loves them to death, maybe even more than me,O_O
haha aw. ♥
And those headphones are real neat aswell. Just the technology that goes into all of there products speaks for itself.
yeah it definitely looks like they are cool.
i had never heard of them before.